Introduction to the website

Introduction to the website for people interested in progressing their career in nurse leadership

The talent management website is designed to provide anyone working in the health and care system with a central talent management resource. You can learn about the different schemes available to you and read about how to develop yourselves and your careers. There is a toolkit that provides line managers and staff with all the information needed to identify and develop our most talented individuals.

If you are participating in a talent management scheme you will need to register on the site in order to access the online tools and information you need to:

  • record your progress through the scheme;
  • record your position on the 9-box grid;
  • store information, evidence and documentation related to the scheme, as part of your portfolio which is required at the end of the formal programme review;
  • view available scheme specific mentors and coaches;
  • search for vacancies and development opportunities in participating organisations; and
  • record information on the assignments you undertake.

Participants can register by following the registration link and completing the online form which will be submitted to the Programme Office. You will be sent your login details within three working days. When registering, you should choose a site role that matches the scheme you are participating in.

We will be running reports to ensure a return on our investment and to measure the effectiveness of our talent pipelines against our succession planning. We will also gather data on registered scheme participants.

  • Numbers of people ready for progression now.
  • Numbers of registered on the DoNs pilot scheme.
  • What people aspire to.
  • Numbers who have been promoted across the system.
  • Number of secondments, shadowing, stretch assignments and mentoring opportunities made available and undertaken by scheme participants.

For further information on the various leadership development programmes for aspiring nursing directors please click here