Process overview

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Month 1



Preparation and briefing

  • Briefing workshops for line managers and employees.
  • Line managers prepare for career conversations.
  • Employees complete a self-assessment and prepare for their career conversation.

Outcome: Line managers and employees have identified evidence against indicators of potential and have considered their career choices and aspirations.

Aligned with


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Career conversations and outcomes should be aligned, but not part of performance reviews / appraisals

Month 2


Career conversations

  • Line managers hold career conversations with all their direct reports to determine their career aspirations and potential to progress based on the indicators of potential.
  • Employees and their line managers make an initial 9-box grid assessment based on the conversation, including identified development requirements and options.

Outcome: Line managers understand their direct reports' career aspirations and have relevant information to assess their potential and whether or not they qualify for nomination to relevant talent management schemes to progress their career.

Month 3


Internal moderation process

  • Process to be set out by employing organisation.
  • Succession and development planning.

Outcome: Overall organisational agreement on talent grid positions for all employees. Identify critical posts and potential successors / talent pipelines.

End of month 3


Feedback and reflection

  • Line managers provide feedback to their employees on their 9-box grid position and discuss and agree any relevant amendments to their development plan, including nominations to relevant talent management schemes where applicable.

Outcome: Clearly defined and agreed career and development plans for all direct reports, including which talent management scheme they could be nominated for.

Month 4



  • Processes will be tailored to the employee and the relevant talent management scheme they have been nominated for, but will always include further assessment against the indicators of potential and individual development needs.

Outcome: High potential staff from participating organisations identified and successful nominees confirmed for the relevant talent management scheme. Personal development plans supplemented to reflect learning from assessment process for all nominees. Development themes identified for all successful nominees and outline development programme confirmed, including individually tailored elements.

From month 5



  • 12-month development programme consisting of a combination of formal input for each cohort and tailored development for individual participants.
  • Individual participants’ development plans completed.
  • Sponsors and mentors provide ongoing support and continuous development

Outcome: Individual participants ready to progress to next level.

Next steps



  • Critical posts, talent pipelines and potential successors identified.
  • Succession planning and recruitment processes.
  • Transition support for individuals who secure a promotion.

Outcome: Succession and talent plan confirmed. Critical posts appointed to.


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