How to use this toolkit

This toolkit aims to support line managers to become great talent managers. It sets out a step-by-step process for thinking through talent management with actions for individuals, HR and line managers and provides prompt questions and points to think about. It signposts additional resources, support and tools. Using these tools will provide a consistent, good practice approach to talent management across the health and care system.

What is talent management?

Talent management is not just about leadership development. It is the approach by which we source, develop, manage, engage and deploy those individuals who demonstrate the potential to progress faster and further than their peer group and have the greatest impact on the achievement of our organisations’ various and common business goals now and in the future.

Why is talent management important?

“Strong and effective talent management is integral to any high performing organisation. Identifying, growing and developing our people to be the leaders of tomorrow is an important responsibility for any manager.” Sir Bob Kerslake, Head of the Civil Service

Every employee wants to feel supported in developing their career in whichever direction they choose and to have an honest conversation about their prospects. Talent management builds on that by identifying those who demonstrate the most potential and developing them to meet their individual aspirations, the needs of the team, the needs of the organisation and the system.


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