Benefits of effective talent management

How we manage our talent management strategies and processes can bring major benefits to our organisations and our people.

Deliver more effectively
Talent management ensures teams can always meet the needs of the business now and in the future, avoiding capability gaps and support effective delivery. Sharing our talent management processes will enable the delivery of economies of scale.

Engaged employees contribute more
Engaged staff perform 20 per cent better and high potential employees contribute 20 per cent more discretionary effort than their peers.

Retain our best employees for longer
Talented employees need the organisation less than the organisation needs them. They want more in return including recognition, commitment to their development and stretch. As well as retaining them for their teams, managers have a corporate responsibility to retain and develop talent within the health and care system.

Access to a wider, more diverse pool of people
A shared approach to talent management will provide us with a wider pool of people within our teams, across our organisations and across the health and care system to deliver business goals.

Foster the development of our health and care ‘family’
Using a common language and processes to identify, develop and deploy talent across the health and care system and enable the creation of talent pipelines.

Enable people to manage their own careers
CIPD figures show that 33 per cent of employees are dissatisfied with their career progression. Embedding good talent management across the system will ensure employees are provided with information and signposting to enable them to identify and navigate the relevant talent schemes to help them achieve their career goals.


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