Secondments are one of the resourcing options that can be used to develop employees and encourage skills exchange between the Civil Service and non-Civil Service external organisations, such as those in the health and care system, with the aim of building business capability across the Civil Service. Secondments can be out of, or into, a Civil Service department.

High potential individuals identified through the HCLS can agree to be seconded by their employer (A) to another employer (B) for the purposes of learning and developing the relevant national system leadership skills and competencies. Employees will remain employed by 'A' for the duration of the secondment and will return to 'A'’s business at the end of the period of secondment. In addition, employees will normally continue to be paid by 'A' and continuity of employment with 'A' remains unaltered. Normally secondments for the purposes of this agreement will not extend beyond a 12-month period.


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