Career planning

Questions developed by Edgar Schein can help you think about what you really want to achieve in your career. It doesn't matter what role you are in, using these career anchors can help you identify and understand what you are good at, what motivates you and your values.

Eight career anchors were identified to help you recognise your preferences for specific areas in your job / career.

  • Technical / Functional competence
  • Managerial competence
  • Autonomy / Independence
  • Security / Stability
  • Entrepreneurial creativity
  • Service dedication to a cause
  • Pure challenge
  • Lifestyle

Understanding Career Anchors (PDF)
A quick guide on each anchor, from Cardiff University

Career Anchor questionnaire (PDF)
A questionnaire based on Edgar Schein’s career anchors, from NHS London Leadership Academy

Career Anchor tool (PDF)
Information and tool to help you identify your preferences for specific areas in your job, from NHS London Leadership Academy

Achieve your potential
A career guide designed to help you develop and progress in the Civil Service, from Civil Service Learning