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Coming Soon - Nomination window for HCLS Aspiring Directors Programme - Cohort 4

Aug 21 2017

The nomination period for the next Cohort of the Health and Care Leaders Scheme Aspiring Directors Porgramme will be open shortly and notification will be sent through to the ALB and Department of Health talent leads when the nomination process opens. Look out for communication in late August/early Septmber.

To be eligible for nomination you need to be plotted by your organisation against the 9 box talent grid used for HCLS purposes. The talent grid used for HCLS is based on the civil service model.

We will ask organisations when making their nomination(s) to consider the following:

  • Don’t attach too much importance to current hierarchy within your organisation, think about who has the potential to be an effective Director within the next 1 to 5 years.
  •  Are you nominating individuals for the right reasons? Do you think this person is able to lead the system effectively beyond the next election in 2022? Do they want to?

As part of any talent management process, we remind nominating managers that it is vital to discuss and agree the career aspirations and potential to progress of the individual concerned, otherwise they cannot be sure of what they really want or believe they are capable of achieving; both defining aspects of ‘potential’. Therefore, before deciding on any nominees from their organisation, either the line manager of the nominee or someone more senior must set aside some time to discuss the nominees' aspirations, how the development programme might fit with these, the challenges they are currently facing and the outcomes, both personally and organisationally, they would wish to derive from their participation in the programme. 

The nomination form will ask for an assessment of the individual against the Indicators of Potential

In addition to this we will ask for a statement from the nominees themselves on why they want to go on this course and what they wish to achieve and how this will help them develop. You need to think about things like:

  • What are the three most significant challenges you are currently facing in your work – at personal, team or organisational level
  • What impact would you expect to see on your performance as a result of undertaking this programme? You might want to consider any specific capacities and capabilities you hope / need to develop by undertaking the programme
  • What plans have or will you put in place to ensure you are able to embed and reinforce your learning in your current role and how will you be supported 

We don't undertake a pre-sift (though individual organisations may undertake their own before submitting nominations). Once we receive nominations you will be invited to an assessment centre. You will have chosen your assessment centre at the start of the process, - we will have assessments centres in Leeds and London and these will be held in November and December.

Before the assessment centre you will be asked to complete a Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking test on-line. That test in itself is not a de-selector and you will be given feedback even if you are not successful in gainign a place.

At the assessment centre you will undertake an interview and be asked to give a presentation on a system challenge you will also take part in a group exercise with other nominees on a further system or communications challenge. This is to see how you engage with others. You will be observed and assessed during the exercise.

All nominees assessed will again be plotted against the 9 box grid based on their performance on the day - the most successful candidates (up to 30) will be offered a place once those results have been endorsed by the HCLS Senior Talent Board - chaired by Duncan Selbie, CEO of PHE and the other ALB Chief Execs and senior representatives from DH . The programme will start with an induction day on 23 January 2018 and there will be other residential modules.

Should you be successful, you will need to keep the following dates free.

Induction - 23rd January 2018, West One, London

Module 1 - 27th February to 1st March, De Vere Latimer, Bucks

Module 2 - 17th to 19th April, De Vere Latimer, Bucks

Module 3 - 15th to 16th May, Leeds NHS Leadership Academy

Catch up day - 19th July, Central London

Module 4 - 13th to 14th September, De Vere Latimer, Bucks


In addition to this you will spend up to 4 days a month later on in the programme on your connecting experiences out in the wider health and care and other related sectors (e.g. police) - so you need to be sure your line managers can fully support you to do this.

If you want any more information at this stage please contcat the HCLS Programme Manager John Joyce by e-mail to