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2025 Leaders Nomintions

Jun 28 2017

The Department of Health; ALB Chief Executives or ALB National Directors, are able to nominate and endorse up to two individuals for the second cohort of Programme. We expect to have around 20 places.


The aim of the 2025 Leaders Programme is to identify and develop the next generation of Chief Executives and Executive Directors to lead the health and care system at a national level through the ALBs / DH. We have also seen from the first cohort, that there are additional benefits for participants in demonstrating improvement in their current role and creating networks and alliances across the system and we are looking at championing and supporting opportunities for alumni to share their learning across the health and care system to contribute to improvement and innovation.


The programme is aimed at people who are already in a Director (or equivalent) role within either the Deprtment of Health or one of the 14 Arms' Length Bodies.


Nominations close on 5th July 2017 and should be sent to   Any questions about the process or the scheme itself, should be directed to John Joyce by e-mail or call 07825 281392.